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  • 1 » Centeral executive body meeting held at Falaknaz Tower office Karachi, on February 11, 2018 Meeting Pressided by Ch. Ayub Gadri vice president, with General Secretary Ch. Hanif Aheer, participants were Ch. Farooq Sindhu, Ch. Khalid Proya, Ch. Anwer Raza Waraich, Ch. Munir Maan, Ch. Ata Mohammed, Ch. Ghazanfer Mahmood, Ch. Munir Maan, Ch. Nawaz Bajwa, Zawar Husain Waraich. Routine matters were discussed, all members appreciated the efforts of khalid Mahmood Paroya to establish Web site of . Oath taking ceremony of Gulshan e Hadeed unit will be held on 3rd March In sha Allah. Next will be Shah Latif Town unit. Fateha was also offered for the soul Father's of Ch. Asif Ali Hanjra late and uncle of Ch. Ejaz Weraich.